I take pictures instinctively. Photography is integrated with my everyday life. When I started taking these pictures, about 4 years ago, I did not have a specific project in mind. I tried to capture things that felt relevant to me in some way. Over the years, this body of work seemed more coherent to my eyes, and this notion of a “natural Flow”,  of an inner connection with the world that I experienced while photographing, seemed obvious to my pictures too. Although the subjects are various, the places are different, I seem to always look for the same inner space, where these feelings are present.  This is why I call this body of work “connecting flows”. For me this place where natural flows connect, is a place where magic happens.



I see a lot of photography, and sincerely enjoy the work of many photographers, but my influences can come from any kind of art, nature, from other people. A look, a real moment with someone I know or don’t know can be very influential to me. Being open to life. That is what motivates my work.




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